Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Rock...

Today we went to the park with our regular Monday playgroup. It was a quiet day with only a few friends there with us. When we have been to this park before the kids have played on the park structures but today they weren't interested. They went straight to the creek and collected the moss and algae to make their 'houses' that were in a corner of the park in some palm trees. They pulled it out of the creek and hung it to drip a little on a fence railing, Then they transported it to the trees and made a bed. They loved it. And no they didn't lay in the bed of algae.

Noah had fun with being able to go into the water with his boots on and splash around. He went through 3 pairs of shoes today with the green ones being the last and the most appropriate for wading in water. The others were holey boots and crocs...not good for trying to keep your feet dry, which he was. And today was the first day we left the house with him in underpants, and he made it dry all day.

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