Saturday, June 28, 2008

Third section...

This morning Ben tested for 3rd section in his karate class. We went in at 11:50 so that he could be pre-tested (they don’t test unless they show that they are ready, so they give a pre-test first). He was with a group of 5 other kids. During the pre-test it looked like he had forgotten all of the moves, but we had practiced last night and this morning and it looked to me like he knew a good deal of them. So, he went through all the moves that he remembered and couldn’t help himself from looking at others to help jog his memory for how it started. They thought he was cheating. He just has wandering brain syndrome and needed to know how to start the move.

So at the end of the pre-test they grouped some of the kids together whom had shown the instructors that they were ready and then Ben and another kid were in another group…to be tutored because they thought that he wasn’t ready. So, the head instructor asked them to show him a move, they did it, then another move and they did it. He jokingly said something like “you were trying to fool me into thinking you weren’t ready” and decided to test them separately. Each boy had an individual scorer for himself. Each kid there passed their test and Ben was last to find out if he passed. He needed 95 points to pass and he got 95 points!

So he surrendered his belt and they will dye another section of it black. So now he has 3/7ths of his belt black ☺ Way to go Ben!!

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