Monday, June 02, 2008

Big rock...

We went to Big Rock Park (in Santee) today for our regular playgroup. Today is one of the little girls birthdays and they were going to bring cupcakes. We got there early and the kids started playing and running all over, I guess they needed to get out of the house. People started to show and the kids ended playing all together near the little stream. They collected algae together and piled it all over a stump, went rock hopping, waded in the water and played nicely. Thanks to Oli, Ben learned about algae. No one knew about the cupcakes for a long time. We sang to the birthday girl, ate a cupcake and headed home.

Noah found Eliza (his girlfriend) and was busy playing with her for the rest of the time we were at the park. He loves her and I think she loves playing with him, two peas in a pod. So cute to watch them run around together.

Noah and Eliza (yes Noah has swim goggles around his head)

Not many are brave enough to get in...
Oli teaching Ben about algae

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