Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good-bye Party...

We met with our friends this evening for a little party. We don't know if we'll see them before they leave for Florida next week so we took a little time to have a little party with them. They were so nice to buy us dinner and cake for their goodbye dinner, all we brought was watermelon (which everyone loved...especially the watermelon monster, Noah). The kids had fun playing all over the place, we brought bikes on three wheels tonight and they all had something to ride. They would ride some and then they would play and race together. One of the daughters (there are 3 daughters), Anna, loves dogs and she must've pet 20 dogs as they walked by tonight. It was cute! They brought tennis balls too and the kids had fun tossing them around and to each other. Ben tried to make rules for the ball tossing game but no one wanted to listen to him. He got over it.

We've enjoyed their company over the past 7 or 8 months. Our kids love to play with their kids and I've really enjoyed the other Mommy conversation that didn't always focus on the children. We will miss them but hope to keep in touch with them across the country online or however.

Have a great trip across the country!! We'll be thinking of you!

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