Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Today we relaxed with Daddy. Both of our Dads were out of town so we had just one to focus on.

This evening we went to the beach in Coronado. The weather was perfect, the water was cold. Ben and Hannah aren't phased by cold water, they jumped right in and splashed around for a long time. Noah took a little time getting used to the fact that we were at the beach. We stood at the edge for a long time watching the other kids while the waves splashed on our legs. Ben and Hannah found a castle that was built by someone else, as the tide came in, the water was washing it away. They tried for a long time to save it. It takes a lot of energy to save a castle that is crumbling into the ocean. They got all sandy so they went back in the water to wash off.

After the beach we went to the ice cream shop for some ice cream to take home for after dinner. The kids ice cream didn't make it home. They still ate some dinner, which means that they were quite hungry after all that jumping around in the ocean.

All in all I think Daddy enjoyed his day. He is the best Dad to our kids. They love when he plays monster at the park (Mommy doesn't do that), he takes them on hikes in the mountains and bike rides around the bay. He lets them spray him with the hose and climb all over him when he gets home from work. He lets them help him do 'work' around the house and he teaches them to build with tools in the garage. He reads to them and helps teach them when he has time. He gives them cookies. He's such a great Dad. They love him so much.

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