Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beach day...

We tried to meet up with our unschooling group this morning but we haven't been very often and I just didn't recognize anyone while we were there (there were thousands of people, including lots of kid groups). But the kids had so much fun together. It did make me a little nervous letting them go in the water without me, the water was wild and rough and they kept getting swept north. Ben helped Hannah while in the water, they held hands and jumped over waves. I was able to keep an eye out on them and we were right next to the lifeguard tower. Noah was more into playing in the sand but at one point he warmed up to getting his toes wet with me and had a blast getting splashed by the waves. After that though he wanted his suit off and get back into regular clothes to go home. He is always the one that is ready to go home right when we get there. I hope he grows out of it, because we love the beach!

Hannah and Ben playing in the water together
Noah eating two cheese sticks
Each one doing their own thing...some parallel play

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