Monday, July 14, 2008

Boogie boarding...

We went to the beach this evening for my sister’s birthday and the kids wanted to bring their boogie boards. We took the boards a couple of days ago when we went to La Jolla Shores and Ben was getting pretty good there. Tonight the water was rough and it was tough for Daddy to help them. They got to wade and boogie board for quite a while until the area we were in turned into ‘surfing only’ waters. Then Marissa showed off her stuff on the board, my brother (Chris) is teaching her how to surf and she is really learning quickly. Ben wants to learn how to surf and wants to learn now. He has a wetsuit that he was given by a neighbor, that is pretty new and his size so he thinks he’s all ready. It was cold and late but no one wanted to leave the water, they always have so much fun at the beach.

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