Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th...

We had a crazy day with a lot of running around but we managed the day pretty well. We went to Coronado for the parade that always lasts too long. The kids love it and they were quite concerned when they saw that it had already started when we got there. They didn’t want to miss it. They were on bikes and we (the parents) were on foot and Noah opted not to take his bike but to ride in the stroller! We found family and watched the rest of the parade, we only missed 1½ hours of it and still had that much time left to go of the parade. It was slow moving when we got there and the kids actually lost interest in the parade and began to climb a nearby tree. The good part was that it was pretty overcast for a good portion of it all, not too hot.

After the parade we met up with some of my friends from High School said our goodbyes (they were leaving town) and headed to one of my aunts’ houses for lunch. The kids love to play around Coronado and I really don’t worry about them playing around the block. My cousin’s step-kids are in town and they had bikes and scooters so they played with them all afternoon. Circling the block, going across the street to the playground… They had fun. It was hard to reel them in to go somewhere else.

We headed to the park to meet-up with my 8th grade classmates but I got the time wrong and almost everyone had already left. So we hung out at the park for a few minutes before we went back.

We went to Lake Murray to watch the fireworks. We haven’t braved the Coronado ones with the kids yet because it would mean that we would have to be there (in Coronado) until real late because of the traffic trying to get off the island all at once. So we have done the Lake Murray ones twice (including tonight) and tonight we weren’t impressed. They were so slow, Corey could count to 3 before the next one flew into the sky. The kids liked them and they were the first ones that Noah remembers. They had fun so that was worth it. Next year we may try something new.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

Family of monkeys
Boys and dog looking over the wall
Ooooo Ahhhhh

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