Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Old Town...

My sister invited us to go to Old Town and check out what they have. Heather can’t remember ever going but I know she’s been. Anyway, we were there to check out the carpenter and the blacksmith and anything else we could find that was interesting and fun. We got there a little earlier than they did so we went through a gem store, Noah almost broke something as we were heading out the door but otherwise they kept there hands to themselves while we were checking out fossils and gems. Ben was impressed with a large snail fossil and Noah loved the little gem eggs displayed in baskets.

Our next stop was in a stable across the way, we checked out the stablehands living quarters, stagecoaches and learned about branding irons. There were baskets, pottery and dolls on display that the people used to make. Ben really liked the Indian headdress.

Then we went into the Casa de Estudillo and looked into the different rooms and learned about how the people who lived there lived day to day. Ben and Hannah thought it was interesting that each room had a little pot by the bed and that they didn’t have running water but a well. They liked to spot the wash bowl in each room too.

We found my sister and checked out some stores before we headed over to the carpenters table. When we got there they tried to take some wood joints apart and found a coffin and pretended that they were being dead inside it. We found the blacksmith and he was talking about the process of making things with iron and then made a nail for us to see. It was cool but a dirty job for sure.

We will definitely go back to check out more stuff. We have to go see the one room school house (& more) because it is so much like the one that Laura goes to in The Little House on the Prairie that we are reading together.

Watching the blacksmith

Checking out the nail
Stagecoach riders
Trying on hats in the hat store

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