Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fire expo...

Since we have a little firefighter in our house we decided to check out the firefighter expo at the Qualcomm Stadium today. We have heard about it every year that we've lived here and have wanted to go but it always ran right into nap time. Today we decided that we needed to go and we'll have a late nap. It was great. We started the day off at the firefighter race where they have to go through a firefighter obstacle course, the kids seemed to like that but then...they really got up quick when we said "let's go on". There were tons of things to do for the kids, lots of vendor giveaways and some free stuff to see. Ben, Hannah and Marissa went from table to table and gathered all they could and stuffed it in their backpacks (handouts, free pens and pencils, candies, coloring books, magnets...). They went through and checked their out loot when we got home too. There were fire engine rides too but it was too late when we spotted them on our way out. Hannah did get on the old fire steam engine and I got a picture of all of them on the back of it too. We also watched a demonstration of how quickly a fire can spread and how quickly fire extinguishers react and put fires out. That was cool.

Here they are fighting fires in the little house.

Noah coming out of the firefighter obstacle course (for kids)
On the back of the fire steam engine

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