Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, Ben and Hannah got home a little bit ago and they had fun! They went swimming in Nanny's pool for a long time, then they went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for an aero bed because they were arguing over who was going to sleep in the one she had, then they ate dinner and watched a few movies until 10pm. They were up late but I think that was part of Nanny's plan, to tire them out so that they could fall asleep easily. They woke up, had breakfast and came home with some chewy fruit snacks for Noah. That made him happy.

While they were gone Noah couldn't stop asking about them and when are they coming home? At one point last night I said that they were coming home after breakfast so Noah said that he wanted to go and eat breakfast right now. He missed them so much but since they returned they have made him cry several times. He is happy they are home but I could do without the crying and screaming. It was so quiet while they were gone. We were trying to remember what it was like only having Ben at home, he was an only child for 17 months. But neither of us really remember it very well. I missed them too, I did miss the noise, the screaming and the messes all around the house. Hard to believe but I did.

They can't wait to do it again but we'll have to see how Nanny feels about it. Maybe we'll invite someone to sleep over here.

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