Monday, July 21, 2008

Road construction...

We were homebound today, by choice though. The kids wanted to keep an eye out for the road resurfacing machines that were scheduled on our street today. We had parked our cars down the street just in case we needed them. It was very exciting and interesting to see how they resurfaced the street, it was much like woodworking. First they sanded the street down, not really sanded it but they did go around and make sure the bumps got leveled, then they cleaned it off with the street cleaner. And finally they went down the street with the tar machine that spewed black out the back and spread it smooth. A couple of men followed with hand-held smoothers to make sure it got on evenly on the edges of the road.

Ben went up and asked the men what it was made of and came back telling me that it was oil and sand. We guessed how many times the truck would have to go down the street, Ben said 4 and Hannah said 3. They went by 3 times and then were done...Hannah guessed correctly. The pic below is of their 3rd stripe down the road. All the neighbors came out to watch too, we weren't the only ones watching.

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