Saturday, July 12, 2008


Ben and Hannah left a few minutes ago for their first sleepover ever at Nanny's house. We figured it would be a good place to start for them because their aren't any other distractions (ie other kids) at her house and they go to her house pretty often. They really want their cousins and friends to sleepover. We asked Nanny on Tuesday, if they could sleep-over and she said yes. Since that moment we have had a constant stream of questions as to when Saturday is. Today was a hard day to wait for too since she came to get them in the afternoon. They found things to do though. We got them all packed up, they wanted to take everything, and ready to go. They left with two small bags each, sleeping bags and a therma-rest. They are going to have so much fun...we'll just have to see how Mommy does without them ;)

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