Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fair rides...

We went to the fair again today. This time Marissa, Ryan and their Mom came with us. We really tried to stay away from the rides as long as possible by going through the farm areas again. We went through some areas we hadn’t been to last time we came so it wasn’t repetitive. We went in the petting area and Noah touched the goats and sheep and even touched the little chick with one finger (like he was told). We shopped in the little grocery store so that the kids could find things that were made with different ingredients (corn, beans, chicken, beef…), they got a prize when they were done.

Boy are they thrill seekers. They wanted to go on all the rides, we put a cap on how many tickets we bought from the beginning and once they were gone, there weren’t any more. That was a good idea because they are easily addicted to them. Hannah loves to go on the fast rides, the rollercoasters and the ones that make her tummy tickle (kinda like me). Noah and Ryan really liked going on the semi trucks but especially loved the helicopter ride (they went on that twice). Ben and Marissa wanted to do everything.

They also got to do some games and won some prizes, the best being a little fish that now lives in our home. Thank you Marissa!

We checked out the Kids Best area and while it was empty (no people) the kids found some blow up instruments and put on a little show of their own for us to watch.

It was a great afternoon and we were pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t that packed with people…maybe it will be this weekend, but we won’t be going.

Noah watching the monster fire truck
Petting area
The drop
Semi truck drivers (Corey is getting on back)
Roller coaster lovers
Marissa on an elephant

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