Sunday, July 06, 2008


For some reason my kids, other kids and restaurants don't mix. When we go (just us 5) to a restaurant they are totally manageable and actually do very well. But when we go to a restaurant with other family members they go totally wild and don't listen. We don't like celebrating in restaurants for this reason. But for some reason my family loves to go out to dinner for birthdays and other celebrations. (I know, it's fun and special)

So tonight was Uncle Chris's birthday and we went to a sushi restaurant with 15 other family and friends. They were totally out of control and it isn't like we are trying to have a conversation with other adults either. We sit with them, Ben climbs all over, Noah stomps and marches with the chopsticks stabbing at air, Hannah is doing something else. Tonight we brought the DVD player and some movies, but that only worked for a little while because they couldn't hear it very well. So... we don't like restaurants with groups and we may just leave them home next time. They'll just have to miss the party, even though they love parties. We can't think of any other way to do it.

Noah and Ryan marching with chopsticks
A little quiet time...didn't last long...

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