Thursday, July 17, 2008

Olympic training center...

With our homeschool field trip group we took a self-guided tour of the Olympic center this morning. Ben found a climbing structure immediately and started to climb it. One of the highlights of the tour was getting a little intro to archery by one of the resident athletes. She even passed around one of her $30 arrows for the kids to see. Otherwise we didn’t talk to anyone while we were there. There was supposed to be a video but as we arrived there was an important Olympic meeting being held so we couldn’t view the video ☹ But we walked around and saw the center and the different areas that the athletes practice on. Very nice facility. We had lunch together and came home, Noah was asleep when we got home. He had been a little crabby at the center but I think he needed food (left in the car). Overall, it was fun ☺

Ben scaling the torchHannah trying to hold the arrow
Noah checking it out.

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