Saturday, August 16, 2008

Agate beach...

This afternoon we hiked to the beach. It wasn’t very far from our campsite but the hike down was pretty steep going down the side of the cliff. The beach is a bunch of agate and rocks of all sizes. We started collecting rocks when we got there. Hannah loved the ocean, we weren’t allowed to swim in the water because it was too dangerous, but we kept busy. Ben found a couple of tree trunks that were standing in the sand and pushed them over, decided to pull one to the water and build a barrier of some sort to protect them from the water and waves. We went to the tidal pools to see if we could see any crabs. All we saw were the carcasses of big crabs that were eaten up by the seagulls. We also found a bunch of driftwood that was softened by the water, we all picked a couple of sticks and took them home. It was beautiful.
Ben pulling his tree trunk
what we're walking on
Noah being cool

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