Wednesday, August 06, 2008


That's the word of the day. We were inundated with seaweed today at the beach. It wound around our legs with the waves and washed into our was everywhere! The waves were rough and still pulling everyone north. But we had fun again. We all went in the water because it is so hot and humid these days and the water was so refreshing. Noah spent most of the time with me in the water today. He loves to jump over the waves and get carried by them. Ben lost Daddy's hat in the water and spent a lot of his time following Katy around (& had FUN). Hannah hung out with Daddy and then a bit with Sara too. They even tried to build another sand castle. Today, Uncle Dennis took her to get ice cream, and she scored some cotton candy too... Yummy lunch! It was a beautiful day at the beach, we all came home yesterday a little pink so we lathered on more sunblock than ever before...we'll live. 

We hope to see them again while they are here, we're all having fun!

Hannah, Noah and Daddy with the seaweed
Ben and his boogie board (the blue one)
Ben dragging behind Katy

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