Sunday, August 10, 2008

Long drive...

What a long drive! We went from San Diego to Monterey today and it pretty much took all day. We got here at 10pm, a lot later than we anticipated but we're here! We're staying at some friends house for the night and they had it all ready for us. Ben and Noah loved the giant aero bed and jumped on it for a long time. Ben even figured out how to do a gymnastics flip onto it (we were watching the gymnastics for a bit on the Olympics last night). We were pretty impressed and think that maybe he should be in a gymnastics class...because he's good and has no fear! They weren't disappointed about not being in a hotel at all. It did take a long time for the kids to wind down and fall asleep but they finally did.

Tomorrow we're thinking of going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium depending on how late or early (more like it) the kids wake up.

They just can't wait to go to San Francisco and then camping is big on their list too!
On the road!
And they even took a nap on the way (I think Ben is faking)

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