Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Marissa!!

We went to the Mexico hacienda to celebrate Marissa's 11th birthday today (it was yesterday)!! Wow, 11 years old...where does time go? We had a fruit cake (see it in the picture) and none of the kids were excited about it, all the adults thought it was great! She got a karaoke thing and spent a good time of the day rehearsing for the concerts during the day.

They got all the kids and men down to the beach and played a friendly game of baseball. Noah really likes team sports and especially likes baseball.

Hannah and I walked down to the tidepools and found a bunch of sea anenomes and Hannah discovered that she could put her fingers in them and they would close up without hurting her. She loved it and spent a long time going from one patch of anenomes to another. We found mussels, barnacles, sea snails and crabs too. 

Noah loves the ocean and just loves to play with sand. He gets it everywhere. His favorite part is taking a hot shower and washing it down the drain.

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