Saturday, August 02, 2008


Daddy is off for the month and we've been doing lots of work around the house. We have lots of unfinished and little projects around the house. We want to get them all finished so that when we decide that we're putting it on the market, we won't have to scramble to clean up the marker mess on the walls, install the already bought cover plates for the light switches and such. We're doing lots of painting too to make it look fresh and new and we're tending to the yard and getting rid of all those weeds! Lots to do around here and having the kids running in the other direction making messes...well, that doesn't help.

Also we are going on vacation on the 10th and we'll be gone for 15 days! I'm sure I'll blog about it along the way because I'll have the computer with us. Ben can't wait to check out volcanoes and see fault lines, Hannah is looking forward to the Jelly Belly factory tour (so are we!) and Noah doesn't know what is going on, he just knows that we'll be camping someday soon! They love camping :) which is good because we love to camp too!

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