Friday, August 22, 2008

Mammoth Mountain sites...

Since the kids have been really interested in volcanoes and earthquakes lately and we are in the area of where some are we thought we’d take a quick tour of what we could see on our way home.

We found the Inyo crater and the kids and Daddy took the short hike to see it. Noah was sleeping, so I stayed in the car with him. They loved it and took lots of pictures. I think the best part was that it was a short hike to the crater.

Inyo Crater

Then we went by the fault line that had opened and was down the road. That was cool, my turn to go and Daddy stayed with Noah (who was still sleeping). We took a few pictures but then my battery died and we were done with pictures. Noah woke up and was very unhappy with my leaving him in the car sleeping with Daddy, I mean, how could I? The visits to the crater and the fault line were very real and brought their learning to life. It was exciting for me to see how interested they were after the whole trip of telling us that they didn’t want to go near a volcano. They were a little scared that they’d blow their tops. But now they understand what dormant is and why it was safe enough for us to go and take a closer look.


Sometimes I doubt, or second guess, the unschooling route we’re taking with the children’s education but this trip really brought it home for them so we’ll continue with it.

Tonight we'll stay in a hotel and tomorrow we should be home :)

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