Friday, August 15, 2008

Ceremonial Rock...

We went on a short hike this afternoon, it was to the top of Ceremonial Rock. The walk was beautiful and you can see in the pictures below. The kids really were energized to hike today, I think it might have to do with the fact that we were in the car all day yesterday and for a bit this morning. We didn't hear one complaint from any of them. When we go to the top of the rock (a very big rock) there were some mountain climbers doing some practice climbs on a side of it. The kids were totally enthralled with watching them climb. They really paid close attention the climbing gear because when we got back to camp Ben made his own version of a harness and had ropes with carabiners too. They wouldn't hold him at all but he had fun putting it together. They want to go back to the rock and do some rock climbing of their own. 

On our way back to camp (we made a loop out of the hike) we walked through a meadow and we saw it through the eyes of Bambi (they watched the movie on our way up). They saw where the hunters hid and there was even some clover on the ground for them to see what Thumper ate. Then Hannah galloped through the meadow and I thought she'd break out into song as she ran, it was very movie like.

Giant trees
On the trail
Hiking to the top of the rock!
On top of Ceremonial Rock
Hannah running in the meadow

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