Tuesday, August 05, 2008


We went to dinner at Corvette's tonight. What a great place to take kids, they don't care about messes and noise. We had a big group of people sitting with us and they were pretty quick with brining the dinners out. Ben and Hannah sat next to Katy and Sara and Noah sat between me and Daddy. Noah looked all around and found the cars fascinating, he loved everything. Ben and Hannah collected the straws that they threw on the tables and then the gum... They tried to collect all of that too (I intervened). Ben brought cards and all the kids at the end of the table played war together. With going to the beach and not having a nap though, Noah was tired. After he ate a few bites of his dinner, Noah folded his arms together on the table and tucked his head inside and closed his eyes and fell asleep...right on the table! He was out for the night. Poor baby, hopes he sleeps through the night without any problems.

Noah and the yellow car
Kids end of the table
Hannah and Sara
Hannah taking a pic of Ben and Katy

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