Saturday, August 16, 2008

Patrick’s Point…

This morning we went on a little hike to the visitor center and found out that there is Sumeg village nearby, the Yurok, that they created in the 90’s. It was fascinating to learn about their lives. Here are pictures of a Yurok canoe that the kids are playing in, a family house, and a sweat house. We really enjoyed learning about the family house. The round holes were the entry and exit for the house and the women and children were able to protect themselves (while the men were hunting or away) from bears with the help from the wood in their fires. They would only have that one opening to watch. The fire and kitchen area were deeper in the ground than the sleeping areas of the house. We had fun exploring. I guess it is still used for the different tribes who still live in the area.

Yurok canoe
Family house
Outside the family house
Sweat house

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