Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Night-time zoo...

We decided at the last minute tonight to go to the zoo. The kids were more interested in doing the extras they had than seeing any animals (although we did go and see the polar bears). There was a hula hoop contest at the entrance for anyone who wanted to participate. Ben and Hannah got busy and prepared for it by hula hooping but then when they called for the participants for the contest they dropped their hoops and stood out. Neither one wanted to do it. No biggie, we still go to see how good they are at it!

Then we walked about 10 feet to our right and watched the Splash! guy paint with his fingers and a few brushes. They really liked this I think it was because they had to figure out what it was that he was painting all along...and sometimes they were wrong. We watched him do 3 paintings over the course of the night!
We didn't do much more, they weren't interested in the storyteller so we went and had dinner. Noah was especially tired because he didn't take a nap so we called it a night. At least we got there for a little fun!

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