Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McArthur-Burney Park...

We camped at McArthur-Burney park (between Lassen and Shasta) for three nights and it was so much fun. There were so many families camping with kids all over the place. Our kids made quick friends with the neighbors across the street and every chance they could they played with them. There was no need for toys they were creative in their games. It was a great family campground.

We set up the hammock and Hannah loved to swing in it, every time I seemed to ‘lose’ her, I’d find her relaxing in the hammock. Hannah has a cold and is coughing a lot too, no one has caught it…yet, so we’ll see how the rest of the trip goes.

Hannah relaxing
Checking out the falls

We found the lake down the road from us, a popular place to hang out for the day or a few hours. We knew there was swimming so the kids and Daddy got their suits on and tried it out. They loved it since it is hot in the day here. Hannah and Noah practiced swimming and Ben borrowed an inner tube to see how it worked. They really had fun.

in the lake
Noah swims!
it's cold
There is a beautiful waterfall in the park that was a natural spring and we went to see it a few times, hiked to the bottom and around it too. The water was just flowing from under the rocks and down. It wasn’t coming from the river above, it was but the river was small in comparison to the amount of water in the waterfall. We had a few discussions about groundwater and the water table underground with the kids, it was a hard concept but I think everyone began to understand with the help of a little diagram on our hike.

waterfall from above
Waterfall from below
Reading the plaque about groundwater
We had a campfire and ate s’mores. Ben just can’t get enough of them. Thank goodness they aren’t a daily snack at home, in one night I think he polished off a half a bag of marshmallows alone! The chocolate was hidden so he thought we were out of it…

We went fishing a few times…with no luck catching any fish ☹ Hannah was determined to catch a fish and really tried hard. I could see it in her eye. Noah really wanted to catch a fish too but he was having fun casting and dirt skiing down the side of the hill. We’ll try again, I am sure! Off to the south of Tahoe…

Hannah trying to catch the big one
Fishermen down the river
Ben trying to catch a fish with a net

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