Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 10 - Pennsylvania and New Jersey!

Today our goal was Hershey, PA! We wanted to get there in time for lunch and perhaps a tour of the factory, mmm chocolate! And we wanted to see how close we could get to the Statue of Liberty today.

We went through several big tunnels on the Pennsylvania turnpike today and the kids loved it! At one point Rebekah looked like she was getting nervous in the tunnel but then said she thought that it was fun.

The weather is much cooler today, actually we are at 50 degrees cooler than Arizona at 63!! 50 degrees! That's crazy! But it is a lot cooler and much more enjoyable to be outside when we have a car break.

We made it to Hershey! We went on a quick tour to learn about what they make and a little about how they make their chocolate. The kids loved it! And of course the tour spit us out right in the middle of the gift shop so we had to buy something! Corey bought a new t-shirt and the kids bought a little bit of chocolate. I got a new mug for tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

We also made it to New Jersey! We really want to go to the Statue of Liberty so we found a place to stay and are going to tackle it in the morning!

The beautiful side-of-the-highway landscape in Pennsylvania
 A water tower name Jenny (I just had to take the picture :))
 A tunnel!
 Hershey :P mmmm
 giant candy!

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