Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 12 - Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine!

We left Rhode Island this morning with one mission: get to Maine. And we did!

As far as traveling and sight seeing today wasn't that exciting (but it was exciting!), our big goal was to get to Bangor, Maine in time for the rehearsal dinner. We tried our best to do it but the roadways were slowing us down with traffic in Boston and road work all the way up the I-95! Boy are they doing a lot of repairs on their roads here...

We were able to have lunch with my Mom and Dad in South Boston. They were on our way and we could use lunch before we drove so we stopped for a bit and that may have slowed us down-but there was a lot of traffic! Visiting with them and just our kids was nice, it isn't something that we get to do often enough...even though they live 3 miles away! We saw the Atlantic Ocean from the road, some lighthouses (& we hope to see more!), breathtaking bridges, and sprawling rivers, lots of green trees and caution signs for moose! We had a mission to drive and we couldn't stop!

We got to the rehearsal dinner just in time to meet the family (and the new family!) and eat dinner! It was a lovely, relaxing evening at the end of a harried day. The kids were happy to see their cousins here too! Now they have someone else to play with besides themselves for a few days.

Working on the iPad
 Boston skyline
 We made it!!!
 Noah and the lobster man
We found a moose in Maine!

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