Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 3 - New Mexico!

Today we crossed the state of New Mexico and ended in Amarillo, Texas! We stopped for a brief lunch in Albuquerque (what a beautiful city!) and kept truckin' along. We had a mission to cross the state...we have to get the Ohio by Saturday!! We do think we will make it.

The entire state of New Mexico -along the I-40- was just beautiful. The landscape was stunning with the red rocks and mesas in the distance. There was literally nothing but land, shrubs, rocks and beautiful scenery for miles.

The kids were awesome in the car today, we drove all day and they kept themselves busy with all kinds of activities. The were counting trucks and light poles like their GranDad told them to. I think Noah ended at 231 yesterday. I also think that there is a competition between them because Ben has sighted over 600 trucks!

We lost some luggage from the roof of the car today, here is a picture of Corey playing Frogger on the freeway to retrieve one of the sleeping bags that flew off. Thank goodness we saw that fly off, it was Hannah's birthday present from this year, she would have been devastated. Not to worry though, we didn't lose anyone's clothes bags, just a few sleeping pads for camping later in the trip. Those are totally replaceable!

The kids LOVE hotel rooms and they are so excited to stay in one every night that we do. The thing that has confused us is the time zone changes. We thought we arrived here early but it turned out to be an hour later! Oh well, we'll figure it out one of these days.

Oklahoma City, here we come!

Here is Rebekah counting the cars on the trains that pass by!
 Beautiful landscape!
 Corey retrieving Hannah's sleeping bag

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