Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 5-Oklahoma, Missouri and into Illinois!

The kids went swimming this morning and I tried to take a few pictures of them in the indoor pool but it was so hot and humid in the rom that my camera lens kept fogging up!

So we had a late start and we were trying to secure the itty bitty tarp to the rack so our clothes don't get wet with the predicted thunderstorms looming. It ended up not raining much just light sprinkles throughout the day. But we were prepared and survived.

We kept seeing signs advertising caverns, and even an ice cavern, in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois. It would have been so fun to see one of them but we are just too pressed for time this trip, so we will have to come back!

We stopped in St Louis to see the world famous national monument the Arch and since it was open until 10pm we managed to get in and check it out! It was awesome! The kids were a little nervous and Corey was very nervous about the height (630 feet!) but they all relaxed once we were at the top checking out the view. The kids had no fear as they peeked out the tiny windows that looked downwards to the ground. You had to lean your body forward and lean over the edge to see out the window and that was a little scary. And we managed to find our car down below-directly under the arch-next to the Mississippi River!

We checked out the little museum under the arch, and learned about Lewis & Clark, Thomas Jefferson and the way west. The kids were really interested in it and got Junior Ranger badges for completing the requirements as we walked through the museum. The even designed their own peace medals.

We got a little time next to the Mississippi River too although we will be crossing it again on our way back so we'll stop for a bit longer later if we can. I was totally brought back to my childhood books, TV shows and movies of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn along with Little House on the Prairie. I think we'll be reading (& re-reading) some of those books with the kids soon!

We drove through the entire state of Missouri ending in Vandalia, IL. We stopped for the night after a long day of driving, all 4 kids actually fell asleep in the car!

Tomorrow we are heading to Columbus, Ohio and we can't wait!!

Foggy pool
 The miles we traveled today 
The General Lee!
 Happy Missouri cows
 We made it to the Boondocks! haha
 Way tired
 The Arch!
 The kids and the Arch
Looking out and down
 A view from the top
 The family at the top of the Arch :)

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