Sunday, June 17, 2012

Road trip!

We are on our much awaited road trip across the country! We've packed our bags, loaded up our car and are heading east for 2 family weddings! We have never done a long road trip like this with the kids but are looking forward to showing them around our beautiful country. We are going to cross through many states, today we are headed to Arizona. Tomorrow we are going to try to make it to New Mexico and beyond!

The kids have been looking forward to it for many months, asking 'when are we going to Ohio and Maine?' or saying casually in a conversation 'when we go to Ohio and Maine, I'm going to bring...' they have been pretty patient with waiting all this time. They have also been trying to save some spending money for this trip, they want to pick up a souvenir from each state we stop in.

Today we saw a raging fire as we left San Diego county. Just east of Buckman Springs near Campo. It was huge and was even mentioned on the national news! So we are thinking that it was pretty big. The kids wanted us to stop so they could take pictures of the flames. But we had to keep trucking along since we were on the freeway and on a mission to get out of state. Here are some pictures of us on the road.

We made it to Yuma, AZ for our first night! Not too bad but we got a really late start on our drive. Being in a hotel is all the kids wanted to do, they are happy and are excited about the hotel breakfast in the morning!


Heather Canton said...

Wishing you SAFE travels and lots and lots of fun! <3 Love you Monkey Family!!! See you in Maine!

Jen said...

Thanks heather!

erika_deanne said...

what awesome memories you are creating!