Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 8 - Ohio, Wedding day!

The wedding was beautiful and a great party! We were taken to the location by horse and carriage and that set the mood for the night, it was a very special night. The wedding vows were accompanied by tears of joy and lots of smiles, cheers and . It was beautiful, we are so glad that we were able to make it.

The kids loved the cake cutting, Hannah laughed hysterically when they struggled to get the cake in their mouths. Ben caught the garter! His uncle Dennis gave him $10 and said "thanks for saving me a lot of money" because the two guys who are dating the daughters were in the crowd. They fought for it but Ben came out the winner. Rebekah loved tossing rocks into the river that flowed just outside the reception area.

The kids were a little shy about the dance floor but they warmed up and got crazy. Ben and Noah were breakdancing on the floor, swinging Rebekah around and loving the party. They especially loved the open bar with a bartender who'd fix them up any drink they wanted. They chose Sprite but also got some grapefruit juice. The buffet was awesome, Noah must have had 4 servings of noodles.

Hannah really wanted to dance but was very nervous about it. She loves her cousins and has a special connection to Katy. She wants to make a trip to Ohio often, we told her that we'd do the best we can but in the meantime there are lots of ways to keep in touch. She is very sad to leave but at the same time is excited to head out to our next wedding destination, Maine!

Tomorrow we head back on the road again towards our next destination wedding in Maine!

Horse and carriage ride to the Darby House!

The boys

The girls
The kids all dressed up



Congratulations David and Kellie!!

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