Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 6 - Illinois and Ohio!

For not having that much sleep last night the kids are doing great! It helps to have the games and activities that they brought to do in the car. We've already bought some new movies for them to watch and and downloaded a bunch of apps for them to play on the iPad. Rebekah really enjoys watching the Curious George dvd's over and over and over again, so we may end up with another one along the way. The older ones get to watch what they want during her naps and in between her shows. So they are keeping themselves busy.

Illinois' landscape was field after field of corn! We crossed a few beautiful flowing rivers and the highway has been flanked with thick forest-like trees but when they clear we see fields of corn growing.

When we got into Indiana we discovered that we crossed another time zone putting us 3 hours ahead of home. So we are an hour behind...again.

We got to Ohio tonight just in time for dinner with the family. Corey's brother Dennis had just ordered pizza for them so we stayed, ate and visited a while with all the other family who are here for the wedding. The kids ran off with the other kids and played until dark and after dark. It gets dark late here, so we are having some late nights, and hopefully we'll be sleeping in because we don't have to run off for some more driving!

The kids caught fireflies in jars and ran around having fun. Just the other day, I mentioned to the kids that we might see fireflies on our trip, they were so excited and I didn't actually know that we would see any. I just happened to mention it and forgot about it until we saw them flying around. Rebekah and Noah were fascinated, Hannah was the first to get a jar and Ben got really good at catching them. It was super fun!

Illinois corn fields
 Passing through
 We made it!

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