Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 4 - Texas and Oklahoma!

With the time changes along this trip we have been a little off on our timing but we think we are doing pretty good anyway. When we got to Amarillo last night we thought it was early, 8pm (yep, early!), but then as we had unpacked and readied ourselves for dinner we realized that it was really almost 10pm! So that put us off a bit but we survived.

We weren't able to do much touristy stuff in Texas and weren't able to stop for souvenirs, the kids want to get a little something from each state that we pass through and not getting one from Texas made it hard for collecting something from each state. There weren't many places off the highway to stop at. And I took pictures...mostly from the car. We passed lots of farming and cattle along the drive. And with the patchy clouds and windy skies it was terrific scenery. We did see the largest cross in the northern hemisphere in Groom, TX, just amazing and so huge. We also kept seeing the billboards advertising the free 72oz steak (yep, 72oz!) and passed The Big Texan on our way out of Texas.

The big skies and beautiful landscapes continued through the TX-OK state line. We passed through Elk City,OK where Corey's Dad was born and grew up. Then saw fields of growing corn, sweet farmhouses, billboards promising buffalo burgers and giant slices of pie, rolling green hills and a few Native American trading posts (that we wanted to stop in for a bit of shopping! But didn't.). We stopped for dinner in Oklahoma City and jetted off to Tulsa for the night.

The kids have been looking forward to staying in a hotel with a pool AND time to go swimming in it. We got to Tulsa a little too late to swim (10pm again!!) but perhaps in the the indoor pool!

We are expecting thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow so we hope our luggage rack on the roof of our car will hold up and keep the rain out of our clothes. We'll see!

Tomorrow, St Louis, Missouri with it's arch and the Mississippi River!

Texas landscape goes for mile
 Huge cross
 The last supper
 Texas USA
 Our route :)
The Big Texan


Anonymous said...

Have you guys broke out in song for each state? Start this one off tomorrow... "On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again..." a Willie Nelson hit. Happy Traveling! ~Carol

Jen said...

We haven't done much singing but I'll be sure to start that today. :) great idea!