Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 9 - Leaving Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania

We stopped by the Straily family home as we were leaving town and were able to everyone except for Sara again. She left early this morning for a course in Miami, OH and she's checking out the school too.

We passed through West Virginia and into Pennsylvania today. On the road we saw so much but in this part of the country there are a lot of trees and rolling hills that flank the sides of the highways. We do see lots of farmhouses and grain silos. We've seen a large number or trucks too. The first day or two the kids were counting the trucks but I think they've given up on that. There numbers are many. We continue to see corn fields-a-plenty! We are amazed by the number of corn fields in this country, doesn't the US eat anything else besides corn?
A rest stop
Farm land in Pennsylvania
Frisbee for a stretch break

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