Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 2-Arizona!

We got an early start this morning and arrived in Sedona in the early afternoon. We went into a little mall and the kids loved walking around and checking out all the artwork and they took picture after picture. We stopped for some ice cream and a quick break from the heat indoors. Then we hit the gift shops.

The red rock formations were awesome and huge towering over our heads. We have always wanted to go back to Sedona but we think the spring or winter time would be best because it is so hot.

We started running out of daytime so we got back in the car to keep driving. Tonight we are in a little dive hotel with bugs and dirty walls in Chambers, AZ. We are going to get another early start in the morning!

New Mexico here we come!

Snoopy rock
We made it to Sedona, AZ!
 Ben with the Sedona landscape behind him
 Arizona sunset as we drive farther east

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