Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 14 - Unity, Maine

We had a lovely breakfast with the family and extended families on both sides of the wedding party in the hotel before everyone split up. We are staying with cousin Angie and her family in Unity so we started the drive out. What a pretty drive! The landscape is so lush and green. Homes and farmhouses line the roads, we thought of local blueberriesand maple syrup on our way.

The kids were so grumpy and tired that they all napped on our way to Angie's house so when we arrived they were ready to go. We are staying in one of their empty apartments with other family (my parents and sister are above, cousins in their camper outside and my aunt and uncle in another apartment. We got all set up and settled in and headed to the Unity Raceway!

Wow! The races were fast, loud and super fun! They were loud and we were just about to head to the snack bar for earplugs when my cousin Maria showed up with a container of 100 plugs! Just in time too, it was loud and the kids ears didn't need that noise. Everyone really enjoyed the races, and besides the Nasons I don't think anyone in our large group had been to a stockcar race before. The races went on for a long while after we left, we could hear them still racing when we got back to the apartment.

Tomorrow we head to Bar Harbor and possibly Acadia National Park!

Rolling Maine hills!
 Getting directions for raceway
 The Unity Raceway!
 The San Diego crowd (yes, the whole section!)
 It was loud, earplugs helped!
 More San Diego crowd (yes, together there were about 20 San Diegans, and a dozen Maine Nasons, including 5 San Diego/Maine Nasons!) a big group!
 I was rooting for the mini-van, it lost
 Marissa, Mom and Dad

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