Friday, February 06, 2015

Birthday girl...

This little girl turned 6 today! SIX!! I don't know where time has gone but my baby girl is now six years old. She had a great birthday and got some great presents and got to spend her special day with friends and family. She has been counting down to her birthday for a couple of weeks now. Boy has she been excited! I actually think she didn't get everything she wanted from Santa Claus at Christmas so she was waiting to see if she'd get those items for her birthday. She did. And more!

Here she is at breakfast giving herself bunny ears. Goof ball.

Here she is opening a present from a fellow Girl Scout, surrounded by her Girl Scout friends. 

And this last one is of her with her new guinea pig. She loves him. No name yet. He's only about 10 weeks old. She's in love ❤️.

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