Sunday, February 01, 2015


I have been dabbling with alternative and natural forms of medical care, using essential oils and herbal remedies for about 15 years, but I was introduced to dōTERRA about 4 years ago. I heard a story of a friend of a friend using dōTERRA oils to help with their daughters allergies. They were hugely successful with it and I was always thinking of them every time I used my oils. I wanted to be successful with my oils too, but I just didn't understand how to use them. I didn't have the knowledge. So I continued to dabble but a few weeks ago I was re-introduced to dōTERRA essential oils, went to an intro to oils class and was inspired to become a Wellness Advocate and share oils with others.

The oils are amazing. The company is amazing. The oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils that go through rigorous testing. Some of the oils spend a year (or more) in the lab to become the perfect blend to help with different issues you might have. Other oils (some that I still have in my medicine cabinet) are not as pure as dōTERRA oils, they may be diluted with another oil to bring the price down and diminish the quality and in turn you might not see the result you've heard about. dōTERRA oils are pure and true. Their blends are so wonderful, I can't wait to have them all.

So if you have any interest in alternative and natural forms of medical care, contact me! I would love to share oils with you.

The link to my dōTERRA website is along the right side of my blog, and while you are welcome to go there, browse and purchase through it, I want to connect with you and help too. I have oils to share...and I deliver!

Stay tuned for my spotlight on Peppermint...coming in a couple of days! It's such a powerful essential oil, you'll see!

So...are you open to natural forms of healthcare?

Thanks for stopping in!

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