Thursday, February 12, 2015

Garden veggies...

Here's a little snippet of what is growing in the garden right now. We have a couple of collard green plants that keep on giving. I planted these about a year ago and they seem to be thriving still. It hasn't been too hot for them to bolt to seed yet so that's a good thing, we have lots of greens.

Here are the little bell peppers we have, they are about 2 inches long and growing very slowly. I planted them last July/August and they aren't really liking the cold weather so they don't produce very much right now but they will! The awesome part about bell peppers is that you don't have to take them out of the ground at the end of the season, you can leave them in year-round and continue to get fruit. I had a plant (until the dogs recently dug it out of the pot) for 3 years and still got nice bell peppers.

These are Noah's snap peas. He has a 4 x 4 garden box and has several things in there at various growing stages. Aren't the flowers beautiful?

Here are the snap peas he is growing. We have to keep the dogs out of the garden or else they will sit by this plant and snack on these until they are gone...and then Noah would be mad.

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