Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Paper pots...

Today will be a gorgeous day in San Diego with clear blue skies and temperatures in the 70's, so we will be doing a little work for our veggie garden. We don't have a "last freeze date" here so we can pretty much plant any time throughout the year. I know there are some jealous people out there, sorry!

Our garden activity for the day is to make some paper pots for our seeds. We have been using the seed trays with about 100 spots for seeds but lately I haven't been having much luck with using them. My seeds just haven't been growing in those trays and I'm not sure why so I'm changing things up a bit. I love paper pots and they are so easy, the only problem in this digital world is that we don't receive the newspaper so we use the grocery ads that come in the mail. They are super super easy to make and require very little time.

To make a paper pot you need 2 things: a can or bottle and newspaper.

I tear 5-6 inch strips of newspaper (longwise) and lay them in a pile. Use 1 strip at a time or else it will get too thick for planting later.

Just line the can up so it overlaps a bit - maybe an inch - and roll it up. Not too tight because then it is too hard to slip it off the can.

Once it's all rolled up you can push the overlapping ends down. This one had too much overlapping so it made the bottom too thick. It should overlap enough to cover the bottom and hold soil.

There you have it! A paper pot! I just fill them up with potting soil or some seed starter mix and seeds of choice and water. Once watered they will leak out water and stand up straighter so it's best to put them on a surface you don't mind getting wet, or one that will be OK to drain onto.

This one is ready for some kale seeds, mmm I love kale!

When the seeds sprout, the rule of thumb is for it to have 3 leaves and then it's ready for planting. These pots are a little bigger so they can stay in for quite a bit longer. And at planting time, just pop the whole pot, paper and all, into the planting hole. Recycle and reuse, yay!

And that's all there is too it! Thanks for stopping by! Happy gardening!

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