Monday, February 16, 2015


Last October, Hannah, Rebekah and I went out and planted a bunch of garlic. We use garlic a lot in our kitchen and it is super easy to grow.  So we dedicated an entire box to it. We first divided the box into square feet with twine so that we could have guidelines for clove placement.

Then we divided the garlic bulb into individual cloves and put them out where we were going to plant them.

Then we dug a hole for each clove and dropped it in about 4-6 inches down. When we were all done we had planted 96 cloves of garlic and 8 elephant garlic cloves. Phew that's a lot of garlic!

Since then we have had to protect our little box from squirrels or raccoons so we enclosed it with chicken wire. I also had to add a plastic snake to the box and we haven't had any little critter hands digging any more cloves up lately. I talked about that in this post last week.

So we are hoping to have a lot of home grown garlic in a few months! Stay tuned!

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