Thursday, February 05, 2015

Mugs and capsules...

My husband came home from a conference last Saturday with a cold. So he's all stuffed up and coughing, he's miserable. Since he has only been using essential oils topically until now I thought we should get them into his body to work from the inside out as well as in the air. Only some oils can be ingested, and some should only be ingested in small amounts, others can be taken in larger amounts BUT I'm only talking drops..not bottles or spoonfuls!

I've been reading up a lot on essential oils and found a blend that I thought he should try since he's so miserable. They are essential oils that you can take internally to help ease the cough and get over the cold a bit quicker, so I put it together last night in a veggie capsule (just dropped the EO's right into the capsule) and he took it with a cup of water. We will do it again for a few days or until he feels better so I will report back with all the specifics on that in a few days.

Another thing he did was heat some water in a mug and put a drop of essential oil in it and lean his face over the bowl right in the steam. He used an oil blend called Breathe that has peppermint in it so I told him to protect his eyes they might get 'cold' or irritated from the minty-ness of the steam. He loved it, he could breathe right away and I'm sure he'll do it again since we don't have an air diffuser right now... but this worked well for him in the meantime.

This is the capsule he took with the oils that I dropped into it. It wasn't full but there are 4 different essential oils inside there!

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