Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hiking trail...

We live in a suburban neighborhood with hiking trails for people, dogs and horses. One thing I love about it is that we can cross the street or walk around the "block" and find a trail to hike on that takes us to the tops of the hills around us. 

This hike is one of the kids favorite, you can see the boys and Rebekah running ahead. The dogs love it too because there is a huge flat section at the top where they can run and explore the hills and bushes. At the top we can see into El Cajon, we spot the playgrounds we go to, the area that the library is in, and the stores in the shopping centers we frequent, they like to play "I Spy" and find Michaels or Kohls.

This was taken on a different morning. Same hike. Same kids. Same dogs.

The dogs like to walk together. We have tried to have two people walk them separately, one in front and one behind but the person behind gets dragged up the hill to join the other. They want to be side by side...silly dogs.

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