Friday, February 13, 2015

Garden workers...

We put our chickens to work while we are working in the garden. I would never be able to let them just roam around free because they pull up plants and eat what we want to eat. So while I am out there, I allow them to come in and work the soil. They do a fantastic job of tilling and eating all the white grubs, pill bugs and such but they also eat the good stuff like the worms. And I don't want them eating all the worms so their work day is limited.

I love them working around the boxes to get the bugs we don't want. We put down a couple of bales of hay for Thanksgiving (we ate in the garden) as mulch because it was all dirt. Hay was so much prettier and then it started to rain. It rained a lot. But then we started to get some green "grass" in the garden sprouting from the hay and the ground was green! Wow it's beautiful! The chickens like to eat and peck at the hay sprouts a lot.

Here's one looking at me, wondering why I'm bothering her work.

Working in the box. Lots of white grubs in there. Ick!

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