Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Freezer meals...

There are so many websites with freezer meals with so many recipes and so many resources to choose from that I get overwhelmed with all the choices. But we have such busy weeks and long days that I need to have some meals in the freezer to go to. So on Monday, I went to Costco and loaded up on supplies for a big freeze this week. I would love to "cook for a day and eat for a month" like one of my cookbooks says but that just isn't possible in my house, so I take a couple of days and just cook and freeze meals.

Monday before and after my Costco trip, I cooked up a huge pot of pinto beans, seasoned with onions, garlic, cumin and coriander and little bit of salt. They were on the stove for a few hours then I let them cool. I got a couple of packs of tortillas, shredded up some cheddar and jack cheese (mixed) and grilled up some chicken. I cut the chicken into small bite sized pieces and went to work making chicken, bean and cheese burritos. I had an assembly line going, Corey even helped! We put together 40 burritos and popped them into the freezer to freeze and today I put them in gallon sized ziplock bags (I'm still working on getting some type of re-usable freezer bag). 40 burritos! That should last us the month (I hope!!).

 Tuesday I made lasagnes. I mixed up ground turkey and Italian sausage, substituted cottage cheese for ricotta and did an assembly line again. It was incredible. Lasagnes take me so long to make because I make them from scratch. I'd rather make more at once, I made 4 pans and popped them into the freezer on my cookie trays, I will take them out today and stack them on top of each other.

I also prepped some Terracotta Chicken (à la Dream Dinners, I have the recipe from when I was there in December). I used the individually wrapped frozen chicken breasts from Costco in a bag, unwrapped them and dumped all the marinade ingredients on top. Sealed the bag and stuck them in the freezer (although the chicken was still frozen, when it thaws it will marinate!

I have 3 more things to make and freeze this week: homemade mac & cheese, Mexican Meatballs (Dream Dinners recipe, again) and some turkey meatloaves. In addition I am always making bread and muffins etc... Phew! By the time I finish with all this cooking and freezing it will be time to start all over again!

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