Monday, July 02, 2012

Day 16 - Unity and Belfast, Maine

We had a good morning of hanging around the apartments today. No one quite knew what the plan was supposed to be so we hung out and the kids played. Newlyweds Erin and Bill showed up after their weekend honeymoon and brought water balloons. They filled some up and 'attacked' the kids then Bill let them have the rest of the bags of balloons to play with and the kids got soaking wet. Super fun! The kids didn't just take it, they fought back they filled a bag of water balloons and plotted to get Bill back. He took it all in stride and they loved it. Everyone had fun. All of this fun happening while a storm was coming through and it would rain then clear and rain and clear.

In the late afternoon the plan that arose finally was that we would go to the 'pond', which is really as big as a lake, and the kids and bigger kids could go swimming and play in the water. But some of the ladies wanted to go to Belfast to do some shopping, so we split our group up.

Belfast is a super cute, artsy town with quirky benches all over the place to take in the view. I left my camera at the apartment but this one is of a buoy bench and the next is a lobster trap seat! Since we got there a bit late in the day, most shops were closed. But we found a few open and browsed. About an hour into our shopping trip there was a torrential downpour and we ended up trapped in a chocolate store until it subsided. The storm only lasted 10 minutes, the skies cleared, the water cleared from the streets and we were off!

At the end of the night (& the shopping was done), we went out to dinner at a restaurant called the Weathervane right on the water. Since being on this coast it was the first seafood restaurant of the trip! It was just us girls and it was super fun, lots of giggles and great company! The food was delicious and I treated myself to lobster alfredo with asparagus, mm good. I loved Belfast and think I may have to go again before we leave the state!

The morning coffee crew sitting on the porch outside our apartment
Bill starting the water balloon war

Our visiting luna moth, hanging out on my chair!
 The water balloon crew filling up for the attack on Bill
 Plotting to get Bill back

Downpour in Belfast (we got stuck in a chocolate shop)
Lobster trap chairs - there was a lot of cool seating in Belfast

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