Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 31 - Leaving Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah!

As we left the park this morning we saw a bison hanging out alone right by the highway. There were another bunch of cars but at least this time the people stayed and watched and took pictures from across the street. I'm thinking he's the same one from yesterday since he's alone and in the same general area. We stopped at the last visitor center of the park and the kids did their little interview for their patch. Rebekah didn't want to do it at first and then she was the one who did most of the talking! The rangers loved it. She told them that she "saw a big bison when we left Yellowstone" and that we saw a "big giant geyser that shot up water in the air". She wanted to tell her more but the ranger was ready to hand over their patches. Rebekah wore it proudly for a few hours today.

We stopped in the Grand Teton National Park for lunch and a little fishing on Snake River, the kids were dying to fish again so we had to stop before we packed up the rods. Corey had his fly rod out and went fly fishing for a bit too. There were some French tourists eating lunch nearby and took a picture of Corey because he was using a fly rod. It was funny because they didn't know I could understand them ("les super bon fisheurs savent..."). The man was telling his family that the really good fishermen (meaning fly fishermen) know where the fish are! Corey caught a fish, it was a small one but the kids were thrilled (as I'm sure Corey was) that he caught one on our trip! The tourists had long left so they didn't see.

We traveled through Idaho pretty quickly and into Utah, this northern part of Utah is beautiful! It reminds us a lot of the eastern sierras with the trees and shrubbery, the sage, the mountains and the lakes. So beautiful!

We are heading home and I think we are all ready to be back home. It's been a great road trip, one that we will probably remember for a long time. We are hoping to get as close to Las Vegas as we can tomorrow, we will see about that!

Hannah and Ben getting their Junior Ranger patch!
Noah and Rebekah getting their Junior Ranger patch!
Grand Teton!
 Snake River
 Watching Daddy fly fish

 The drive-in diner, like the 50's (in Wyoming)

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