Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 29 - Yellowstone National Park, WY

Well it rained a good part of the night last night, I was so glad that I had the forethought to keep my earplugs from the Unity Raceway! They came in handy last night. The campground we are staying in is really packed with people and tents everywhere. There are barely any trees to separate the campsites and it feels like we are able to touch our neighbor if we reach out long enough. It isn't the ideal camping spot. But I had my earplugs and I slept, the kids were dead asleep with no problem the poor things are so tired at night! So I almost missed the rain but it rained a lot and hard, and I heard it!

We were up early this morning and ready to explore Yellowstone! The rain got everything we left out wet and dripping, mostly our camp chairs but they were drenched!  And we were all hungry and uable to sit so we decided to leave and find food. First stop was a grocery store to pick up breakfast foods. Then we hopped over to the Visitor Center to find out where to go and what to do. The kids picked up the Junior Ranger newspaper and we actually got right to work on it. We drove around the park for a good part of the day, did some quick stops to see some sights but no hiking, unless lots of steps count, and they do in my book!

We stopped at some mudpots and watched them bubble and steam for a while. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and waterfalls were awesome to see. The canyon was so deep and the falls were huge! Amazing! Our last big stop today was to watch Old faithful blow and we stayed for dinner so we got to see it twice! The kids had to time the first eruption and figure out from their little chart how long it would be until the next eruption. They loved being able to predict it and see if they were right. They were 2 minutes off from the actual time the 2nd eruption happened. Pretty cool!

On our way back to camp we crossed the Continental Divide a couple of times.


 Grand Canyon of Yellowstone with Falls

 Old Faithful
 Lake Yellowstone at sunset

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